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04-26-2011, 01:49 PM
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... It's six of one and a half dozen of the other when talking about the 09-10 and 10-11 Kings. They're essentially even; if there is an edge, it goes to the 09-10 team because they had a better record (36-28-18 in 09-10, 36-34-12 in 10-11) and a better goal differential (+20 in 09-10, +13 in 10-11).

Better in 10-11: Kopitar, Williams, Quick, Drewiske
Better in 09-10: Smyth, Stoll, Johnson, Doughty, Simmonds, Handzus, Richardson, Parse
About the same: Brown, Scuderi, Greene

Edge to 10-11 team: Bernier > Ersberg, Martinez > Jones, Mitchell > O'Donnell
Edge to 09-10 team: Frolov > Ponikarovsky

Add in Clifford and Lewis for the 10-11 team, and that pretty much evens things up. If you want to include little things like late-season moves, I think Modin > Penner, so that gives a bit more to the 09-10 team. The 09-10 team had a good PP but a poor PK, the 10-11 team was the reverse. I'm not going to pay much mind to Ivanans or Westgarth, they're both useless as hockey players. If you want to say Westgarth is less useless than Ivanans, good for you.

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