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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
Pretty sure they are....

I talked to a couple old timers who no longer use woodies and they state that they just can't find ones that used to like.. i.e. the old eastons, sherwoods that thye thought used to be made out of better quality aspen.

all & all, you can get a decent composite on sale for the price of 2 woodies, and it will last longer IMO and generally perform as good or better as they're lighter.

I bought an Easton S11 for $50, and a T90 for $50 so really that's the price of maybe 4 wood 5030's? I know that they're holding up better than the 5030's wood, as they'd usually start lossing their flex in about 2 games.

good compromise is wood blades and a composite shaft which can also be had cheap, and when the blade breaks, just replace it with another $5 one.

I think Pro's break their sticks for a couple of reasons
#1 - They can REALLY shoot, and are consistantly loading their sticks. I'll bet their snappers have as much load as most of our slappers.
#2 - Their sticks are subjected to some seriously hard stickwork/slashing/lifts/checks
#3 - Prostock S19, TotalOnes, X60s, Crazylights are first off 100% carbon sticks, and I've heard are even lighter and stiffer than the ones we can buy

I think a middle of the pack lets say X:40 Nike will last a beer leaguer who doesn't slap all the time probably more than one season
You'll also notice that the SAME players break their sticks many more times than other pro players. Kessel, Bergeron (Patrice), Cammaleri and Ovechkin come to mind.

They use a whippy flex and are strong blokes.

I posted this already in another thread but I used wood for 35 years and switched to composites 2 years ago. I wished they would have had compos sooner as I wasted tons of money on woodies because they always break and the biggest problem is they lose their flex way too quickly. What I mean by the wood stick breaking is that the blade is weak and cracks at the height of the puck and also water absorbsion issues when you get a small chip of finish to crack off.

Wood is junk. Only woodie guys would understand this ... when you have a brand spank me new stick that feeling of the crisp blade and shaft are absolutely amazing. After a few slapshots or hard wristers the flex starts to give and you end up with a noodle. I would spend much more money on wood sticks because a good woodie is around $30 at least and up. i would use 2 a month or so but my composite 2 pieces last me a year or more. Do the math.

The best part of the compo is you have a fresh new stick blade and shaft every time for the life of the stick which is something you won't get ever with a woodie.

The woodie is done and will be gone forever. There is a reason air planes, golf clubs and car wheels are no longer made from wood.

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