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04-26-2011, 03:14 PM
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(as posted on LAKINGSNEWS.COM replies)

My friend, you are being gracious beyond what is due.

Yes the San Jose HP Pavillion is loud, as any over-sized gymnasium seating 17K+ should be expected to be. But our fan base against theirs, side by side, is NO draw. Yes we went together and left our voices echoing in their rafters for ages to come. But I’d lose hearing, just as surely as I’ve permanently lost vocal range, if our fans, KING FANS, played in such an enclosed space. WE ARE LOUDER AND FAR MORE INTENSE!

I’m not taking anything away from those that inhabit Teal Territory, well maybe just a little. They wear their jerseys in droves. Not just the hardcore fans, but it seems like every grandmother in the building has one on too.

But their volume and intensity, maybe because they haven’t suffered through all the years we have is not our match, and it will never be. In some year, far, far off from now, I’ll go to my grave knowing that to be a universal truth.

Yes their team won this round but there will be others in the future, the near future in hockey terms. But still for them, nothing is guaranteed but that they will see US, and dread seeing US, again. Kyle Clifford will still scare their children. Neimi will once again be more sieve than wall, and The Britannia Arms remains safe only for a while.

But in the meantime, I’ve secured my grandmother’s promise that everything Teal in her wardrobe can be burned!

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