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Originally Posted by funky View Post
1. fire coaching staff - horrid imagination, and overall can not adjust within game play

2. sign Drew in a hurry - establishes cap for team, and get Simmer locked up

3. Trade 1 = Smyth, Greene, Voinov and Stoll for Hemsky, Cogs and our 1st back
- Saves us cap space, gains speed and skill

4. Trade 2 = Bernier and Moller for Carter
- Carter is being played outta position . Big, skilled, fast center that makes others around him better. Bernier is a potential franchise goalie that would split time or take over from Bobrovsky who wore down the stretch. Moller adds to slim prospect depth and gives them another winger.

5. sign a mature backup like Boucher to play 20 games

6. Let Schenn and Toffolli get time in the minors. Both need work on certain areas and let thier play dictate their call up. Schenn provides a bigger body for the 3rd line when ready.


Kopitar - Williams - Penner ---> skill and size
Carter - Brown - Hemsky ----> speed, skill, and a hitting machine
Cogs - Simmer - Cliffy - (ouch) ---> when Schenn is ready, a torpedo line w skill
Lewis - Westgarth - Ritchie ----> limited mins, special teams, energy and protection

DD - Mitch ----> no change
JJ - Scuds -----> no change
AM - Muzzin -----> more skill, better break out, still have size, more scoring

Quick -----> Vezina ready
Boucher - only 1 free agent for D.L to stress over

PP #1 = Kopitar Williams Penner Doughty Johnson ----Use point shots, size, skill
pp#2 = Carter Hemsky Brown Muzzin Martinez ---> use speed and skill

Two very different looks
You mean:

Hemsky - Carter - Brown

Clifford - Cogliano - Simmonds

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