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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
I don't know what his value would be around the league. I'm simply saying that we should explore the possibility. It's painfully obvious that this team lacks high-end talent. We're not going to directly get high-end talent for Anisimov, that's obvious. But, if we were able to get an attractive package of picks and/or high-upside prospects, we may be able to fill an organizational need.

I don't know why people crap their pants every time a trade is brought up. I'm not proposing to trade him for peanuts. I would only make a trade if the return is nice. Anisimov is pretty much a known quantity. When he fully develops, he's pretty much guaranteed to be a very solid 2nd line center. He's young and cheap. I would imagine a bunch of teams would be willing to part with picks and prospects that, while they may have the potential to become and elite player, are no guarantee.

I personally feel that we are at a point in this youth movement where we have a glut of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th liners, but not many prospects with elite level projections. I'm simply suggesting that we deal from a position of organizational strength to address an organizational weakness. If we can get a couple more shots via the draft at some serious high-upside, boom-or-bust prospects, one of them is bound to become the top line talent we need.
I'm having a tough time making sense of what your saying here. There seem to be contradictions. But I'm seeing a lot of what I feel is a common view among the Rangers fan base. I'm not going to try and untangle this so I will just point a few things out.

No matter where you stand on what the Rangers should or should not do moving forward, you want to see them do something that yields a positive result.

This year taken as a whole is a huge positive. The Rangers went with youth and established an identity as one of the hardest working and hardest teams to play against in the NHL. Those are two very big steps when compared to the over paid, over the hill, under motivated Rangers teams from too many years past.

Many folks are against the Rangers trading away youngsters at this point as it seems to them that the Rangers no longer need to define what insanity is in the NHL.

Trading Anisimov at this point to many of us would seem to continue that insanity.

The Rangers need skill. Anisimov has plenty of that. It's just that when you are young and trying to round out your game, it's a challenge to put it all together on a consistent basis. You could say that for the majority of the players on the roster. Speaking for myself, when Ani, Steps, Dubi, Cally, Staal, Sauer, Girardi, McD, MDZ and even Hank are given the chance to mature...together, we will see a much higher and more consistent skill level in games.

It takes time. It takes patience. The most gratifying thing I think I can take away from this year is that I think the Rangers organization seems to be saying on some level:

"We're going to build this team on youth and selected additions, but we will not compromise youth. If the fans don't like it, they can pound sand".

It's taken my entire life but, they are finally getting it.

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