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WC'11. The Final Countdown (article)

Taken from KLMFK
Translated via Google. Edited by me.

It's time to gather stones together and write text on the annual main event is the hockey year, which will occur in Slovakia, where will be launched next World Championship.
This event is important not only as a semantic accent of the whole season, but as a starting point of the next four years.

I'll have to remember that the Games in Sochi is Russia's most important event, which is not afraid to bombastic words, will determine the fate of the cult in the country game.

Task in Sochi is the only - Victory. And nothing but victory. This is the main event for the Russian hockey over the past thirty years, and at stake will be all: not only the historical destiny of generations of great players, not only the status of the coaching staff in the face of Bykov and Zakharkin, and I hope reason will prevail and that these individuals will be on the bridge of the national team not only does unsubstantiated arrogance nitty KHL, but the fate of the Russian style games, our hockey outlook and everything that makes hockey in Russia the cultural mass, from which we were able to separate only death.

In case of failure is a good chance that our beloved game finally turned into a Global Media Bubble Gum, which we see the example in the NHL.
In the busywork of statistical parameters and blown glossy stars who pump drugs dubious hack the puck and their opponents with all the dope for external showiness.

In Vancouver, to destroy the Red Machine, Canadians had to abandon the veneer and deceitful veil, stepped on the throat of newspaper songs and schizophrenic till mediocrity singers of quasihoсkey popcorn.
If we give in Sochi, the Canadians never need a someone to adapt and demonstrate a real game, because the entire hockey world will become a soulless golem fashioned on the patterns NHL.
This would very much like to see, and so we are waiting in Sochi only victory, and the current World Championship in Slovakia should be considered as the first stage of preparation as the "first attempt at writing".

Today it is fashionable to curse national team coaches. So that every self-respecting mother****er to contentment, and even without allowance considers its sacred duty for something to bark against Russia's coaching staff.
Against the coaching staff, who after 15 years of post-Soviet permanent sucking, brought with four world championships four medals, two of which - gold.

None of the current Russian coach, no Russian functionary or analyst can not boast of anything like that.
In truth, these individuals can not be a rare exception boast anything except his mother****ered nature and incompetence, because of which the most powerful hockey world until recently was in a state of complete hopelessness at all major adult tournaments.

And now these people something to dare to speak. All of these failures, and just unprofessional morons, driven by two bonze as President of SKA (Saint-petersburg) and KHL Medvedev, who manages the fourth consecutive year frittered away largest budget in the world of hockey, and great player of the past -- Fetisov, whose ceiling of competence as the practice is really no higher than baby coach in New Jersey.

It is very unpleasant to look at this crowd. In the end, they in a crowd, for the most part, dull and mindless crowd, trying to drown all that allowed us a little bit to believe in themselves. Materialize the great Russian snobbery into something real.
Allowed, with tears in his eyes to remember that for many people already, including me, is only available in old videos, exactly the Soviet ice hockey, in which we really had no equal, which can be defeated only by random circumstances and unfair struggle.

Only for this, kowtow to Bykov and Zakharkin. They showed a whole generation of hockey fans the same thing so that red uniform with a double-headed eagle on his chest - it's including the victory, not just hopeless, scandals and other licentiousness, have plagued us for years .
And precisely because of this success, for their ability to scratch to create an effective mechanism for them to hate, because in a society where most people are not in place, successful people do not just dislike, but hate the guts.
For their success - the failure of the entire system, which aims to feed the worst, rather than to work and achieve results.

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