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And now about the roster.

Roster is good. Generational change is in process. Added to the youth. Leave veterans.
From veterans only Morozov and Afinogenov, great masters, which are possibly still able to speak in Sochi.
Morozov made his debut at the World Cup back in 97-year, while Afinogenov in the 99-m. To veterans as well include being in the prime of captain Kovalchuk, who first played for the home team at OG 02 and defender Kalinin, who was listed in the application for WC 02.

Of the debutants of major tournaments - the defender Belov and a striker Burmistrov , which certainly will spare team and will play at the WC only in extreme situations.
It is also the first tournament for the wing forward Tarasenko, Kaygorodov the center and power forward Artyukhin, the last two - 83-year and finally got a chance to play on the main event of the year.
The same WC 11 will be the second tournament of defender Kulikov and third in defense Emelin. All the rest - a deck of team of BZ, which was playing over the years. Backbone. Also it can be said about a Kaygorodov and Artyukhin, who for years were in the far-rotation, and finally take a chance.

The weak point I would call a team goalkeeper.
Koshechkin - this is clearly not the level of the first goalkeeper in WC, especially in friendlies, he acted disgusting.
Barulin - has no experience of top matches, and Nabokov on the technology, talent and skill are still the best Russian goalie, this year had problems with match practice, but BZ believe in it, and despite the barrage of criticism was taken to Eugene at the WC first goalkeeper.
Hopefully, Nabokov will thank us all for the confidence grade goalie play, which we lacked last year to win a third consecutive world championship in Germany.
But this is a controversial bid. Coaching Staff venture. After all, if you look, then all the damage the Russian team to ET (EuroTour) is largely Goalkeeper defeat and bet on Nabokov to please not come Bryzgalov - is a real risk.

Issues are center-forwards.
Fedorov finished. Anisimov exhausted. Datsyuk and Malkin in the play-off, and the latter one injuried to the end of the season.
Best Center - Zinoviev, who had health problems all season.
Tereshchenko and Gorovikov - level fighters slogger, but not the star.
Kaigorodov - largely not the player of an international level and most importantly almost without an international experience (2 games in 2003) in spite of all his talent. Burmistrov - the first year in adult hockey, and is taken to the future.

The defense we have for our current level of defense - a good one. Volchenkov would help with Gonchar, but they have injuries, and more cool players we have now gone, and the wingers as usual the best in world hockey.

Team is very strong. Without overt weakness. This year among the candidates a lot of injury, and we were lucky that we managed to assemble a solid roster wit almost all worthy players. If Nabokov pick up a form, then stop the Russian national team will only be able circumstances.
Forecast: medals. As a minimum.

Taken from KLMFK
Translated via Google. Edited by me.

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