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04-26-2011, 07:21 PM
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I'm sure I'm not adding anything unique to the discussion this late, but anyway, my take:

Need an offensive d-man. Richards is self explanatory. However, my vision on Brad is 3-4 years max. If he doesn't want it, later bro.

Anything more than 3-4 years for Brad will have people calling for his head later on. It never works out. Ever. Oh, and by the way, no NMC. You just can't trust older players these days.

Back to offensive d-men. Powerplay is atrocious. Not sure ONE d-man can change that, but TWO + Brad could potentially. If MDZ can refine his game into a respectable one again, with the addition of a solid offensive d-man and/or Brad, we might be able to actually score a damn PP goal every now and again.

I don't think we need any other forward in free agency, but wouldn't be opposed to adding an additional one. Not sure the options out there. I wouldn't want anyone too expensive (over $3M).

And, the obvious:

Bye-bye Drury, Christensen, Gilroy, Avery, Wolski, McCabe, Prospal (too old). Feds I might welcome back on a cheap note. Eminger too, as a 7th.

Let Zucca, Grachev, Kreider, Weise, Hagelin battle it out in camp for spots hopefully. Again, it should be self explanatory, but at this point, prefer ANY young'n over washed up veteran. I'd rather see a young player try hard for his 20 points than see a washed up vet struggle his way to 20 points.

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