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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
I have to agree with your most of your statements. People keep referencing to last season. We missed the playoffs, he scored like this year in blowouts, late in game to make it 5-2, empty nets etc. Sure he was better last year but he still did not carry us in ways people make it seem on top of that we missed the playoffs in a weak year in the East. Im not saying i want to trade him either because i know he has something to offer in skill and speed but if the return can make the team better you do it.

Star players do not tend to have as bad years as he has had. People have to start thinking he is very inury prone and even if not physical, mentally it effects his play making him skirmish, quick to give the puck away, perimeter players. This can work vs team like the Leafs but when it comes to tougher or playoff games, you have too do what it takes and play the right way and compete the proper way which he does not show indication of doing. Will a good center make a difference sure it could help set him up in the perimeter more often but do we have that guy for sure? No and will it click for sure? Maybe The point is you cannot bash either way or either decesion because we may already lack skill but keeping Gaborik does not rectify that problem as was shown this year. Also if people are admitting he needs a good center to play with that goes to show he does not make players around him better like Crosby etc in fact only Christ play better on his line. The question become to de want a guy that needs a Richards to make him play better or do we trade for someone that could make players around him better regardless of who he plays with.
Some points I agree with you but others you are way off. Star players do not tend to have as bad years as he had? Are you kidding me? Gaborik had 42 goals and 44 assists last season for 86 points. I have a very good comparison to him... Alex Semin who had 40 goals and 44 assists for 84 points last season. Nearly identical stats and Alex played in 73 games while Gaborik played in 76. Well this season Gaborik had 22 goals and 26 assists for 48 points in 62 games. Semin had 28 goals and 26 assists for 54 points in 65 games. Both had off years in comparison with the previous year, the difference is Semin isn't supposed to carry the load offensively like Gaborik the one man show is expected to around here with Erik Christensen or Vinny Prospal. Semin had Backstrom, Ovie, and Knuble to also score big time goals. The Rangers need to get another elite player or two up front to take some of this burden off Gaborik.

I am tired of how everyone here keeps saying he scored all his goals in blowouts. Guess what, if he doesn't score those goals, the games aren't won and they aren't blowouts are they? They were still important goals and if you are going to criticize his goals then take a look at Dubinsky and his 24 goals cause at least 4-5 of them were empty net goals, so its more like he only had 19 goals but he is our leading goal scorer. A goal is a goal, sure I expect more from Gabby and want him to be more noticeable, but everyone has off years. Gaborik is not playing with top line talent and is expected to do it all himself, at times he was invisible and at other times he just couldn't buy a goal. I am all for buying a center and possibly even a LW to create some chemistry and get him back on track.

No one ever said Gaborik is a Crosby type player, however Richards makes everyone around him better. He is a playmaker, he can score, he can run the point from the PP and he has won a cup and Conn Smythe trophy. He is the player that makes everyone, and should make Gaborik better.

Trading Gaborik does not send a sign to Richards that we are serious about winning unless we get a King's ransom back, and the King's were prepared to trade for him at the deadline, not sure what we can get now? Can we even get quality 1st line players for him? I'd rather keep him and see how it works with Richards, I am sure Richards wants to play with a pure scorer like Gaborik.

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