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Originally Posted by Janerixon View Post
You need top tier talent to play with Richards and to lure him here what don't you understand about that? You think he wants to play on a line with Avery cause they are BSA ad Zuccarello? Get real and of we should get rid of Gaborik cause he is soft than we may as well trade anisimov, wolski, stepan, Christensen, and gilroy based on your logic and become the flyers. Gaborik won't be traded so keep dreaming. His value will be higher at the trade deadline just look at what players who had years left on their contacts fetched. You will be able to get more when teams are trying to add a piece for tha playoffs than to start a season, that is common knowledge doesnt take a genius to know that.
More BS being spewed around. How do you know what Richards wants and what we need to "lure" him here? You think he's drooling over playing with a guy who scored 0 goals in 12 games down the stretch where every game mattered on whether we make the playoffs or not, and then scored 1 goal in 5 playoff games and giftwrapped the other team's double overtime game-winner in game 4? Yea, we can't lose THAT! We all know what Gaborik is CAPABLE of. We also all know what Christensen is CAPABLE of. The reality of what they will produce from this point on is what concerns those of us with enough foresight to realize that we probably aren't winning a cup with Gaborik at the forefront. He's just not a warrior. He's not a guy who will battle through multiple checks to get a scoring chance. He's easily neutralized, often injured, and rather one-dimensional. He may score 50 next to Richards. Hell, he may score 60. But I'm not interested in touting individual accomplishments. I want a cup and this team has more than a few of the right pieces. It's players like Lundqvist, Staal, Dubinsky, Girardi and Callahan who will attract a smart, mature player like Richards. Not an uninvolved perimeter primadonna like Gaborik. Richards knows the type of players it takes to win a cup. Those I just mentioned are exactly the recipe. Guys who will go through a wall for the team and will amp their game up in the playoffs make all the difference.

I also laughed out loud at you saying "we might as well trade Anisimov, etc and become the Flyers!" as if that's a bad thing. First of all, I would trade Anisimov for the RIGHT return. There's a right return for almost every player. Even Crosby. Would you not trade Crosby for Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Laich? Yeah man, it would SUCK to become a deep, mature, physical team that just went to the finals with a pair of AHL goalies. If we were anywhere near the Flyers' level, with Lundqvist, we'd be winning 16 straight in the playoffs. Yea, let's build against the Flyers model with more Gaboriks, Wolskis, and Christensens. Let's get more players who won't even hustle enough to negate an icing race that they're already winning. ****ing Wolski.

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