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08-12-2005, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Beauty, eh?
Agreed. Give Bure a chance. If he can put up 20+ goals and 60 points, I'll be happy.

I like how people say crap like "Lindros got 1.5 million and Bure got 1.5 million! Why didn't we take the risk on Lindros instead of Bure??" I guess people don't take into consideration that contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants to play in LA.
I tend to agree, people are assuming that EL, Palffy, Mogilny, Satan and others were knocking on the Kings front door. Guess not. Is this a great signing.. is this a crap signing... . imo this is just a signing. Hard to say we could have gotten EL or JA to play in LA for 1.5. Last time I checked hockey is religion in Toronto, Half the folks in LA don't know the Kings from a hole in their gucci bag. Bure is just a guy, if he can help ..great. If he doesn't help..whoopty doo...all it would do is put him in line with Ronning, Carter, Straka and Stevie D. Don't understand all the bitterness with this signing, it's just not that big a deal imo.

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