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04-26-2011, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by PhXcoyotes View Post
I was playing in a lame-o 3v3 league last night, (not to brag, but I was by far the best player out there, and It really wasn't even fun) And there were 3 goalies, for 4 teams. So, I asked the person running it if I could try the gear on and go for it.

Hardest thing ever. Even playing against kids that can't shoot hard, or elevate the puck to save their life.

So goalies, I respect you more than ever. And I will never say a NHL goalie sucks ever again.


We had tryouts for my 9 year old (Goalie) over the last 2 weeks and one of the fathers was ranting on and on about his sons play in net and I told him to chill or I would strap his a$$ in my pads and start firing shots at him. he laughed and got the picture.

I'm going to play net again in a beginners league this sumer and started to play shinny with a bunch of friends that could totally smoke me any time they wanted to but don't knowing that I'm just out there as a curtsy when no real goalies show up.

I bought the pads just so I knew what my son was dealing with. Man after the summer season last year I said never again but you time heals all wounds eh.

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