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10-15-2003, 10:34 AM
those were the days
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Originally Posted by Freudian
There are a lot of problems to having him around. He needs to get matches regularly. And Hasek will need loads of matches to stay in shape. And that is without taking Legace into account. That in itself is a distraction imho, ie having to play with a goalie you want to offload.

The alternative is not to play Cujo at all or even worse send him to AHL. That will not increase the chances of a team picking him up.

Cujo seems to have taken the whole situation well, but he has needs of his own. He will probably demand game time. And with him having a no trade clause I think Detroit will be slightly careful about mistreating him.

As for him being the #1 goalie next season - I find it hard to believe. When you send a strong signal that you don't have faith in him as a #1 goalie that is it. He is unofficially the scapegoat for last years playoff, despite not deserving it.
You have to understand that most Wings fans are sheep, if they don't win it all, they'll railroad the goalie; Chevy, Ranford, Ozzie, even Vernon to an extent. The didn't all deserve the criticism, but that's how this town is. When the Wings felt apart against the Kings, Ozzie became the scapegoat, yes he let in soft goals time to time, but the rest of team didn't step up when they had to. Cujo can't score goals for the Wings, the team couldn't get the puck past Giguire, you don't score, you don't win. If Hasek doesn't win it all this year, he'll probably get the heat too.

I don't see how the Wings could keep Cujo after the trade deadline as they showed no faith in him over the summer.

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