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04-26-2011, 10:38 PM
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So, going back to the beginning of this thread...

The Giants allowed Chris Canty in to work out, but have since said players will no longer be allowed to work out until the league provides the teams with further clarification on how to operate. Players are still allowed to enter the facility, just not train or talk football.

The Jets allowed players to enter the facility, but the training rooms were shut down and no staff was present in the facility. No one is allowed to work out.

What's the big deal? The Giants allowed one player in to exercise and then reversed course, whereas the Jets allowed no one in, so the Jets are cheap ********? Everything I have read indicates that teams such as the Jets that refused access to training equipment did so at the directive of the NFL, largely in part to liability concerns.

If you guys want to praise the Giants for allowing one player to work out before changing course, fine. Go right ahead. But don't kill the Jets for following the league's directive like the vast majority of other franchises. Especially because some guy on the radio speculates it's because they didn't want to pay Ferguson's bonus--which, from what I've read, will be paid to him regardless.


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