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04-26-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Nobody's saying that though! I'll be the first to tell you our defense won us that Super Bowl because it's true. But Eli was a part of that too. I'm not arguing he's elite. You're making it sound like he's not a good QB.

I haven't brought up Sanchez once and I don't want to to keep this thread semi-tame.
I didn't say he wasn't a good QB. Sorry if it came off like that. He's good, but he's not Mike Vick. Just my opinion.

You don't need to bring up Sanchez. Not a Jets fan either.

Originally Posted by SomebodySaveKreider View Post
Eli had a great playoff run that year.

I'll play devils advocate.

If Eli didn't play like that, even with the defense playing the way they did, do you think the Giants make it to the Super Bowl and win it that year?
He was pretty good in the playoffs. That question is completely moot to be honest. If the Giants had the Hefty Lefty starting, of course not If they had a different QB, who has the same talent level that Manning does, I don't see why not. He was incredible on the Giants' last drive in the SB, though.

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