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10-15-2003, 10:18 AM
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Great post Frued. I haven't really given much thought to the Wings buying him out but I can't see any situation why they would. If the Wings did buy him out then they would recieve nothing at all for him. I agree that he needs starts to be of any value but it isn't like he won't be worth something for the entirety of his contract with the Wings.

I mean, the Wings certainly have to bite the bullet and admit that they blew it by giving him so much money but buying him out would take away from them being able to put any sort of spin on the situation and you can bet that the Avs would just snatch him up the minute he was free. I was listening to Roy M (Sens Pres) on Jim Rome and he said "They (the wings) can't let the Avs have him".
He then said something about unless there was a three way deal or something like that. I think that if the Avs want him that there is little that the Wings can do to stop them with the exception of keeping him on the team. If they deal him to any other team the Avs can put together a package to get him from them. (if they are so inclined)

I agree that Wings fans are sheep but, aren't we all to a certain extent? I mean, I will always buy whatever the GM of my two teams tell me as law (even though I might know better) and have seen a bunch of us here do the same with their GM's even when others don't agree. (KLowe comes to mind) The fact is that if we don't believe in what we are told by our team then we are no better than Isles fans and who wants to be that?

(totally kidding)

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