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04-27-2011, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Steven Mastrosimone View Post
15, actually. And yeah, I get that a lot. ILIVM on the Devs forum told me he thought I was 35,,,lol.
ahh... 15... I kinda remember that age... Also, that explains the constant changing of the avatar. Whatever, I usually have to work during games (stupid night shift) and usually am so wrapped up in the games that I don't post in the GDT's much. And sometimes it feels that no matter what I say in the other threads, nobody pays it much attention and it's like I'm not there. (Hey, maybe I should get the Boogaard award). I still get excited when I recall that my 2,000 post was about me joining in a "Mar-ty, Mar-ty" chant from my couch....

Oh yeah, where did you move to and from? just curious. No way I'm going through 14,000+ posts to see if you have ever said it...

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