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04-27-2011, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by AKAY47 View Post
Exactly ****. We need more fans to think the way you & I are thinking. Kings fans are too easy going & stuff, they have to learn how to be critical of their team. Like I said earlier, we're spoiled with guys like Rich, Jim & Bob, easy going dudes, who are almost NEVER critical. That's why people like Helene, Ray Ferrarro and Daniel Tolensky are a refreshing site when it comes to being honest about what is wrong with the Kings
Nothing wrong with being critical, especially when pointing out a deficiency or area of improvement. However, some of the comments on this board were just plain wrong.

"I'm embarrassed to be a Kings fan."
"Player X is a disgrace"
"This organization is pathetic"

I have never heard Helene, Ferrarro, Tolensky say anything along those lines. Would it be fair to say someone struggled? The organization lacks <top line sniper><prowerplay structure>? Sure. Those are valid criticisms. But people cross the line. Player X is a disgrace? Come On. These guys work their ass of, put it all on the line, and screw ups will happen, but its not from lack of effort. Those types of comments are really what irk me.

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