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04-27-2011, 11:00 AM
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I don't know what you mean by one player (Cherepanov) making or breaking the team. I don't think there's some magical line you can draw that says any one player suddenly "makes" a team.

But Cherepanov would have been that first line talent to match picks like Carter, Getzlaf, etc. Doesn't mean the Rangers have done great drafting overall, but it certainly helps if you can land a first round talent there and have something to help build the top talent the Rangers are missing.

The Rangers have also skewed on drafting defensemen in the first round lately so it's kinda hard to directly compare some of this stuff. They got a great defenseman in Staal, and they got a very skilled guy in Del Zotto that is not yet a bust despite the short attention spans of this board, etc. It took Letang 4 years in the NHL to exceed what Del Zotto did in his first year, yet we hold Letang up as this amazing defensemen and view Del Zotto as hovering on the edge of busting?

That last part isnt' directed right at you, Singin, it's just an expression of frustration with how this board works. The Rangers have been middle of the road in a lot of their drafting for awhile and it's got them to be a middle of the road team. That's fine...I actually really like the core group of players and think if they could put a legit skilled top line onto this team they'd become viable as a cup team, but I'll never disagree that they need to do a better job identifying those top line talents in the draft. Another reason I'm STILL pissed they passed on Tarasenko even though I don't hold anything against McIlrath personally.

but at the same time I don't really feel the need to bash the team a lot either...they've done OK putting together a team at this point from a lot of draft picks and trading for some key guys. Like I said, I like the core group, I'm OK with that job done. Just find a way to get some top talent at this point

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