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04-27-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
That's really what makes the whole whining about 5v3 that Bruins go on about (fans, and more importantly the coach) is so ridiculous.

Calls that got the first penalty might've been bad, but it was an evening of aweful calls, it's Chris Lee damnit! I mean, Bergeron's call was dumb, but wtf was the call on AK a few seconds before? Ryder didn't dive I guess when he got tapped on the wrist and fell over the ice?

The 2 calls that gave a 5v3 were automatic calls. All refs call them 99% of the time (the other 1% they leave all fans wondering 'WTF?!').

This is what Julien doesn't seem to realize when he says things like 'we didn't give them anything at 5v4'. Hell yes you did Julien, you gave them 2 5v3! Those were direct consequences of Bruins lack of discipline, and you just can't argue against it, refs were forced to make those calls, it's not like they tried to give Montreal a 5v3.

I also like how he said they didn't give us anything 5v5. Actually, you gave us a goal. Sadly Pollock thinks that he is all set to see the puck from the corner of the ice when it's on the other side of the goalie.
Bold above. You are correct. if your are penalized killing a penalty, you are not killing the penalty well. In fact , you are ****ing it up.

Just ask the Habs, 19 for 19. Julien, you big goof. Improve your PK and stop complaining. That's what JM does. JM realized 5 on 3 is death, and he has instructed his players accordingly. Don't take the second penalty and wait for the refs to even it up. The refs are gagging to call an equalizer penalty, not a 5 on 3. You have to **** up badly to get one 5 on 3 in the playoffs, let alone 2. All on Julien. Big giant baby.

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