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04-27-2011, 12:53 PM
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More Lubo vs Lidstrom:

Lubo was the #1 defenseman of the 3rd ranked PP. Lidstrom was the #1 defenseman of the 17th ranked PK.

While Lubo did not face as "tough" competition as Lidstrom (Qualcomp of .044 vs 0.128), he still faced the toughest competition of the team (well 2nd toughest, but he played with Lydman who faced the toughest). In the ES minutes he did play, his GA/60 was 2.61, compared to Lidstrom's 2.87. The 2 teams' GA was very similar (2.89 Det vs 2.84 Ana).

In fact if you look at ES GA/60 you get 2.6 for Detroit vs 2.5 for Anaheim, meaning Lidstrom's numbers are farther away from the team than Lubo's. I don't know what it really means, but it's interesting that both Dmen are worse than the team's numbers as a whole, and that Lubo's numbers are closer to his team's than Lidstrom's. I guess it's a function of the quality of competition, but what else does it mean?

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