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Originally Posted by Geico4yoMoney View Post
[I]Say an attacking player has the puck on the half-boards, and he beats my partner - should I engage him? Or should I leave that to my own forwards and stay by the crease to cut off the pass?[/I]

It really depends on the situation. If you have your center in the front and the other player is dangerous you may want to get over there.
If there is no else to cover the front, you should just try to block the pass and let the goalie and skater duke it out.

Or if the attacking player is cycling around the boards and he goes around the net. I've read somehwere online that the defencemen should switch? So if I'm in front of the net, I should engage the attacker once he rounds the net, and my partner switches to the position I just left.

This is a good way to do it, as long as you both are on the same page. Usually once the attacking forward gets behind the net I abort the chase and move to the front, allowing the other defenseman to meet him head on at the other side. If you have good chemistry with your team it should flow pretty smoothly leaving minimal disturbances of coverage.
1. It depends on the circumstances, if you have nobody in front at the moment, take him, but don't screen the goalie in the process. If there is a guy near the front use your body positioning(shield the guy away from the goalie while tying up his stick) to close off any chance of a rebound. Let the goalie take the shot. If you see the chance to poke check him do it. Or if not put your stick in front of his.

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