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04-27-2011, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
How is it reaching? It makes perfect sense. Leighton is a AHL goalie that constantly finds himself waived and in the AHL. He knows he can't struggle for any period of time or he is back in the AHL. If the Flyers lost game six his NHL career would have been done. I could see why he would have taken it harshly and be highly disappointed in himself.

I don't think it makes it right if he went AWOL (The Flyers and his agent are denying), but he is a human and I have some compassion for him. He isn't a good goalie but that doesn't make him a horrible person. The real issue is he should have never been in that position. Holmgren and Laviolette almost ended our season due to their refusal to see he is not NHL caliber.
I don't know too much about mental illness, but I'd imagine that there'd be at least some warning signs. I have a hard time believing that, out of the blue, he just lost it. He still has a year left on his deal and quiet frankly, the Flyers have continued to show that they still think he might be part of the answer in goal.

The last part of your statement I agree with 100%.

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