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10-15-2003, 11:37 AM
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Is Yammie coming home?

Very seldom do you see me put forth a rumor unless it's a known joke. BUT, this one is starting to pick up some steam.
This is all hearsay mind you . . . but from some pretty good sources that have said in the past to me: "See, didn't I tell you." So take it for what's it's worth, here goes.

Ted Leonsis and George McPhee have tried to unload Jagr and his contract everywhere. To no avail. Talks are finished with the Rangers and with Detroit but the goal (set by Leonsis) is to move Jagr, no matter what.

Here's where the major "holy, mackerel Andy" comes in . . . the deal was so much going down that Washington management told Jagr he was gone, for sure. Jagr so much believed this because the word came from Leonsis, McPhee and Jagr's agent he either sold his house, where he lived (close to Bondra) or just didn't renew his rental contract. Sold all of his furniture and personal belongings and prepared for a move that never took place. The rumor is that it was "so sure" that he already put money down on a place in NYC.

In an interview with Paul Hunter of the Toronto Star, yesterday . . . Jagr agreed. In the article Jagr was quoted: "I had nothing in Washington, I stayed in a hotel room the last month. But it's a business. I understand that. It's a lot easier for me to deal with it. I've got no family, I've got no kids. I don't worry about too much. It would be kind of sad but life goes on. If they trade me, I'll have to play for another team."
Also something interesting in the Toronto Star article was this: something motivating Jaromir Jagr this season is his desire to help 19-year-old centre Boyd Gordon, in much the same way that Mario Lemieux helped him break into the league when he arrived in Pittsburgh as a teenager 13 years ago. "He's a good kid and he's going to be a great player in my opinion," Jagr said.

Kind of interesting because the hot-thing rumor is that the Washington Capitals have very recently opened up talks with the Penguins in regard to trading Jagr back to Pittsburgh and that talk has leaked out to a few people. Jagr has talked about it to some of his teammates and to Cassidy and his attitude is not that of what someone would like to have in their employ at this moment. It is becoming very uncomfortable in the dressing room, on the ice but especially in team meetings were Jagr has apparently made a few comments about having to sell his home and furniture and is questioning Capitals management team for telling he and his agent it was a done deal when apparently it never was close to going down. Let alone all the jokes made when anything about team play and the future comes up.

Anyhow, back to the rumor to the Penguins . . . it has been stated that Jagr would be traded back to the Penguins for various combinations such as Kris Beech, Michal Sivek, Michal Rozsival and a high Penguin draft choice in 2005. Other names mentioned (in place of those) were Dick Tarnstrom, and the draft rights to Noah Welch. Washington would also pick up $6 million of Jagr's contract this season, plus $5, $3 and $3 over the remaining years.

To add to this rumor I include this web site where some real estate organization was put on ready to get the house ready for occupancy. =0669D00092000000
sory about the link . . . try
and key in "Jagr"
I'd give you the sources of this rumor but you wouldn't be able to handle it.


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