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08-12-2005, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by NotJT
Can we officially call Dancing Boy a whiny crybaby school girl? I mean seriously, the crap he spews complaining about Dave Taylor, if he would just **** and wait 2 weeks maybe he wouldnt look so damn foolish.
We still haven't ADDED, we've only REPLACED you moron. You keep drinking the kool-aid Dave Taylor and Tim Lie-weekly hand you and you smile and say "can I have another".

Signing your top goal scorer is what you're SUPPOSED to do!

Seriously, what have the Kings done to IMPROVE the team? TELL US enlightened one.

Deadmarsh - Bure
Advantage: Deadmarsh

Allison - J.R.
Advantage: Even (but considering JA's salary vs JR's.. I go with JA)

Palffy - Demitra
Advantage: Palffy

So? Where are the "upgrades"?

Chechmanek - Garon/LaBarbera
Advantage: WHO KNOWS, but it's certainly not an "upgrade"

Think before you open your dumb pie-hole

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