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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
You desperately want to get rid of Stoll, Simmonds, and Greene huh?

So face-offs mean nothing?
Its not that face offs mean nothing, and it would hurt us in the department if we were to trade stoll. (i take that back...shootouts as well )

That being said, he offers nothing that cant be replaced by cheaper, younger players except for the faceoffs. So its kind of a catch 22.

He is a center with a hard and heavy shot who is average on the D side of things, with limited to no playmaking ability. He is not great for a 3rd line role for his price tag. If lewis was to improve his faceoff ability, then it would be an upgrade (in my hubmle opinion) at a cheaper price, since he is younger, faster, and alot better on the defensive side.

In my opinion, this team needs speed and playmaking period. We are full of young and amazingly great 3rd and 4th its time to figure out how to get better top 6 talent. Richie, Lewis, Holloway, etc.... they are all 3rd -4th line players. I know Richie played with alot of heart, but his d positioning was a huge liability, so if someone had to go, it would be him if he is expecting a raise.

I think smjay goes against the grain a tad with wanting to trade Stoll Simmonds and Greene, but realistically, those 3 actually have value and could net us something we need pretty badly. So i would be on board to trade those 3 (but apparently dean wouldnt trade greene cuz he is in great, if we were able to create a package for a speedy player who has vision and a nice shot (semin is my dream but it would take a tad more).

I wouldnt go with Kuelmin, but i can see what he is looking for. I would prefer a speedier player on the line with frank the tank and kopitar...but since its a slower moving line, i could see it working..

I think ive said many times that Richards would have been the perfect fit, but now alot of people are saying the same thing, which would lend me to believe its not going to happen now . It would be a big risk, because he did struggle after signing his other contract.

Schenn is the wildcard to everything. Some people say he will be in manchester, some say he will be in the NHL. Schenn is perfectly as capable of playing in the NHL, but if you expect him to pot 30 goals and have 80 points, then of course he would fail.

Im on the bandwagon of letting our kids get 1 more year of development, as with this lineup barring any drastic changes just wont make us contenders.

Letting Lokti and Schenn play this year and let them go through the mistake process for a season, so the following season, there would be a possibility to make a run for the cup (assuming schenn and lokti.)

Ill probably get flamed for this...but i would try this out if we could land Richards.



Schenn gets protected by Richards and learns from him. Lokti size gets protected by the bash brothers, and both players are very responsible defensively. Plus, lokti is very creative and can skate the puck into the zone instead of dumping it in consistently.

We might have some hiccups with this lineup for a little stretch- but i would love to see this lineup on the ice (because if it doesnt work, Dean will have to reload pretty quickly lol). But i would wager that his lineup (staying healthy) would be maybe a 5-7 seed in the playoffs, but it would be deep down the middle.

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