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Grant Fuhr

Catches: Right
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 201lbs
Born: 9/28/1962

NHL 1981-2000
Regular Season: 868GP – 403W – 295L – 114T/OT – 3.38GAA – .887SV% (exluding first 2 seasons)
Playoffs: 150GP – 92W – 50L – 2.92GAA – .900SV% (exluding first 2 seasons)

Hart Voting Record:
2nd (to Lemieux in 1987-88) and 6th (1st among goaltenders 1995-96)

Vezina Voting Record: 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6

All Star Team Voting Record:
1, 2, 3, 3, 6, 8, 8, 9, 9

NHL Awards and Records
Vezina Trophy: 1987-88
1st Team All Star: 1987-88
2nd Team All Star: 1981-82
Stanley Cup: 1984, 85, 87, 88, 90 (did not play in playoffs this year)
Most games played in a season by a goaltender (79 in 1995-96)
Most consecutive games in one season played by a goaltender (76 in 1995-96)
Most points by a goaltender in one season (14pts in 1983-84)
9th All Time in Regular Season Wins
3rd All Time in Playoff Wins

Penalty Shots: 2 GA in 9 attempts

International (Team Canada)
1984 Canada Cup: Gold Medal; 2GP – 1W – 0L – 1T
1987 Canada Cup: Gold Medal; 9GP – 6W – 1L – 2T
1987 Canada Cup Tournament All Star Team

Rendez-vous '87 NHL All Stars vs. Soviet Union
2GP – 1W – 1L

Inducted Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003

Joe Pelletier
Grant Fuhr was the best goalie in the world in the second half of the 1980's. He struggled once departing from Edmonton, but late in his career resurrected his profile to elite status once again with St. Louis.

The playoffs was when Fuhr was at his best.

Fuhr's GAA ranged from a low of 3.43 to 3.91, which is extremely high for someone who is supposed to be the "best goalie in the world." But considering the Oilers' run and gun style and Fuhr's lack of support on many nights, those numbers are very respectable.

The season started with the 1987 Canada Cup. Many believe that that was the strongest Soviet national team ever assembled. Many agree that it was the greatest hockey Wayne Gretzky ever played. It also marked the emergence of Mario Lemieux as a superstar like no one before him. It was a new generation's 1972 Summit Series. It might have been the greatest hockey ever played.

And Grant Fuhr stood on his head! The Russians swarmed and swarmed but Fuhr continued to turn away shot after shot after shot. Remember right before Mario Lemieux's famous goal on a drop pass from Wayne Gretzky? There was mad scramble in front of the Canadian net, Fuhr kept the puck out. The results of the 1987 Canada Cup could very easily have been reversed had it not been for Grant Fuhr.

While Fuhr received little respect for his regular season play, he became recognized as the world's greatest goaltender because of his international play and the Stanley Cup playoffs. Spectacular sprawling saves were the norm in Edmonton during their Cup years. While most people give Gretzky and Messier the credit, it is highly unlikely the Oiler's would have been as successful as they were without the caliber of play Grant Fuhr supplied them.

Fuhr fell on hard times towards the turn of the decade…Fuhr, an excellent golfer, returned to form once he landed in St. Louis. He looked like he was 23 again, thrilling fans with his acrobatic style and is stealing games for the Blues which they have no business winning. It was great to see the living legend between the pipes back on top after most people had written him off.

Though it is now overly celebrated, Fuhr was the first true black superstar in the NHL. Adopted by white parents when he was just two weeks old, Fuhr generally refused to talk about race, saying colour was not an issue for him nor would he let it be for anyone else.
Grant Fuhr is one of the best clutch goaltenders in the history of the game.

Wayne Gretzky would tell the media that if there was a game that his team needed to win, his first-choice goaltender would be Fuhr.

Due to an injury, Fuhr could not play in the 1990 Stanley Cup final.

Playing in St. Louis in the modern era of tight defence, Fuhr put up microscopic goals against averages, but he admitted that he would trade it in for 7-4 shootouts if it would have made the Blues a contender.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – June 2, 1987
Grant Fuhr, the stellar Edmonton goalie who fashioned a 2.45 goals-against average and a .908 save percentage merited Conn Smythe consideration

Brendan Shanahan, The Sporting News, May 18, 1998
Shooters spend their whole life shooting against goalies, and 99 percent of them catch lefthanded. A lot of our favourite shots or go-to moves are not there with a goalie that catches the other way. It's like if 99 percent of the pitchers in the majors were righties and maybe five teams had lefties. It's a big difference. It can throw a whole team out of whack.

The Sports Forecaster Hockey '97-'98
The Blues made the playoffs thanks to that Energizer bunny of a goalie, Grant Fuhr..."

Mark Messier, ESPN Sportszone, April 1998
The classic stand-up goalie. Plays his angles well, challenges and he has that unbelievable athleticism. Just look at his record. He's made more big saves than any goalie over the last 15 years. He really has no weakness.

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