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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I had an old Knuble Reebok Black converted to a Leino a the Voohees Skatezone... for all who have heard this a few times before, please excuse my repeating... I paid around $25.00 because it was a multi-layered customization (compared to the single layered Orange Retro Home and White Retro Road/WC)... Had it not, it would have been only $20.00.

They did a bang up job but had to overlay the panel since they won't remove heat pressed customization as the Knuble one was... I suggested the placing over and they agreed to do so... I asked them to make sure they matched the color with the Premier Replica since the orange color shade is not the same as the Edge Authentic. They marked it on the tag they sent out with it -- I saw the tag -- and it came back a perfect match... Totally worth the money IMO.
How long ago did you get it done? The Northeast SZ was the first to use Philly Express (the official customizer) and they did so around the SCF last year. They got the rest to convert. Also, if they did use PE, there will be some discrepancies with the old unis. They use twill name plates as opposed to the Edge ones used on the old unis. Also, never get an older jersey done at a SZ, since PE CANNOT do them correctly.

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