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04-27-2011, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
It was done I guess around November or so of 2010... before the Christmas rush IIRC. I had two blank WCs done with Giroux and Timmonen as well as an 'A' added to my Pronger WC and the Home Black Premier Knuble that was converted to the Leino.

So it was an older jersey but still the new Reebok as opposed to the old CCM/KOHO... The panel used is to me undetectable to the others I've seen, but that is from memory and not side by side comparison... And as I said the color shade matched the one on the single-layered numbers and trim.

I was led to believe by the SZ people that they make them up themselves and that is one reason the cost was $5.00 more for the multi-layers... and that is why they can match the color shade.
No I understand, it was the old Edge unis. They'll do WCs and the orange ones fine. PE took over customization when the orange unis came in. There are actually slight differences between sleeve fonts:

The top are the old, the bottom new. PE can't do the old style correctly, they butchered my Giroux I posted above.

I'm sure your Leino is fine, but I'm also sure that if PE did it they used twill for the nameplate, which technically is incorrect but no one really cares about that haha. Which SZ did you go to? Maybe they all hadn't switched at that time or something, I don't know. I do know they're saving a ton by going to PE.

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