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10-15-2003, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by mrush
imo mac t isnt a good coach, he juggles the lines too much to get offensive, that gives no confidence to his top players because he should let them play and get their confidence, hemsky didnt play at all during the 3rd, all he did was play laraque and horcoff over and over again, dvorak didnt play as much, like, you pay your top 6 forwards loads of money to play lots of ice time to score but than he plays horcoff (who sucks imo, nice give away on the powerplay) for the whole 3rd, reasoner is a much better center than horcoff will ever be. mac t sucks, thats why comrie isnt signing he wants a new coach thats why it has nothing to do with money, thats just my opinion.
Quick, its three games in and we're 1-2 ! oh no! Let's fire MacT, he's done, he's lousy. We need another D, let's overspend and sign Berard for $2.5 million! Oh yah, we need a centre, ok, let's cave in and sign Mikey for $3.5 million and have a centre again... Geez guys. its 3 games. My ass is so red from having the baseboards hitting me everytime someone jumps off the bandwagon.

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