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Originally Posted by Kayen View Post
Goal is hard. Moving around, even the fundamentals are hard to master.
Yes, but the real difference comes from the mental toughness.This is the tricky part in goaltending.

You get to realize the physical/technical toughness of the position (like the OP) once you've actually tried it properly. The soundness of your technique plays a big role; how you adjust your optimal moves with your reflexes, how you are able to block the fast shots (4x faster than in a beer league, mind you), if you don't see the puck how to cover the most of the net and be ready to get the rebound, how to deflect laser fast shots to corners/safe areas, how to get up or be ready to play if you're down in a weird position...etc.

But then, in a beer league you can let in 8 goals and 1 or 2 of them softies, no biggie. In a competitive sport, not so much. In the NHL, never. Every inch counts. Then you have all the expectations of your coaches, team mates, relatives, fans, etc. Everyone relies on you.

Bryzgalov said it best after the last Det game:
“Goalies have 2 ways to be. To be a hero, to be a goat. I am goat,” Bryzgalov said.

This was the most common thing to separate the best from the left when we were entering the 14-15yo as a juniors. Its getting serious. So if the goaltending itself feels hard, that's actually the easy part when the mental game can crush you every night no matter how good your physical/technical feats are.

just my 2 cents, this just came out since the board is always filled with the goalie rants

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