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04-28-2011, 08:27 AM
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I am so glad I came across this topic - thanks for posting it.

I have a question (or battle with myself, for lack of a better term) - and its the mental aspect of getting active and getting in shape.

Where does your motivation come from? I find it such an inner struggle to get motivated and get to the gym
Last yr I went to the gym around 2-3 times/week - then bought my first house and since then its like I have become, almost a home-body. I don't wanna go. My wife says its because I am partially lazy and partially a fear of body pain if I work out. I literally feel scared to go to the gym sometimes. Other times I feel I don't belong there because everyone is so much more in shape and they would laugh at me.

My diet is very healthy, thats one good thing - no sweets, no pop, maybe a beer/week but thats it. Fruits, vegies, water, chicken, etc.

So long story short, (or short-story long lol) - how do I get going? How do I keep going? Why am I scared to go to the gym?

I apologize if it seems like I am a loser but really need some help!

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