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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Boyle wasn't drafted on his NCAA prowess either seeing as that happened after he was drafted. If you can't see the difference in potential between Kreider and Boyle, then I don't know what to tell you. Kreider's speed now blows Boyle's speed out of the water. Kreider's shot is better too. Kreider's ceiling is way higher. Whether or not he hits that ceiling is debatable, but the potential is there.

Signing Kreider wouldn't be rushing him. There's a reason he's playing in the World Championships for the second year in a row as an amateur. He's physically ready for professional hockey and he needs to get as much game action as possible. The AHL would be much, much better for his development than staying at BC.
I agree with most and stand corrected as his NCAA stats were irrelevant to draft.
Kreider is a better pick, yes, but not so dramatically better to discount my Boyle-Kreider comparison. No one is drafted as a potential 4th liner, not even in later rounds. Players end up there. I doubt should Boyle turned pro earlier or have taken skating lessons at younger age would dramatically change his carrer. I think the inner program is a predicament for most. Thus, you have to turn pro at you best. On the other hand, certain changes may be very positive. Sure AHL is a better experience since it is better league. Yet playing tehre may ruin your confidence if you jump in too early. Grachev could confim. May be Boyle should stay in BC for another season, who knows. May be Kreider should jump to AHL, may be not. The point being, fans tend to see player as an entry to Fantasy Hockey, not a person that has a life to live. What benefit did Boyle have playing for Manchester, ha? As opposed to continue in BC, I want to know that.

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