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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
Unless maybe Calipari decides to retire and Kentucky needs someone who fits their culture.
How does Pearl fit into Kentucky's culture? It would seem given UT's recent transgressions that Pearl was and is a perfect fit for that university. In fact, he'd still be that perfect fit if his team had won. I think UK would be looking for a more quality coach. One that lands 3 Tobias Harris' a class, not one ever 3 to 5 years.

As for Calipari, the only legitimate blemish on his resume is the Camby situation. And something similar happened at Duke with Corey Maggette. The biggest difference between the Camby and Maggette situations appears to have been the clout of the university involved and the corresponding punishment.

The Rose scandal is the NCAA's blemish and not Calipari's, Memphis', Illinois', North Carolina's, Kansas' and any other school who recruited Rose heavily well after he had allegedly cheated. The NCAA cleared him and then went on the warpath when it was later found that he cheating might have occurred.

And because they couldn't ever prove anything thanks to Derrick Rose's lack of cooperation, they went with the unprecedented scorched earch policy of blaming everyone and unveiling the latest evolution in NCAA justice, "strict liability." Such a concept was conspicuously absent from incidences with Maggette and Darrel Arthur, who didn't even graduate high school yet his NCAA championship at KU stood.

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