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04-28-2011, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Quacker912 View Post
Looks like he says "All ****ing want it? You'll get it."

I love it. When I used to play sports I'd get into a similar mindset. Us against you, it's a war. You really do almost turn into a madman when you play with an edge like that. You do things people would never expect. I'm a humble, bit shy person normally, but if I'm in a competitive sport I turn into an insane animal. I see that same thing in him, I ****ing love it.

Edit: If someone can find a way to download the video off CSN it's pretty easy to make a gif. I don't see any download button though.
I'm the same way. In every day life, I'm quiet and calm and hard to rattle. In hockey, I have a high tolerance for chirping (as a goalie, you never want to appear rattled at all). But if things in the game get heated and you start running me, I will straight up stick you in the face and not feel bad about it for a second, jab you with my blocker, do whatever it takes to get you out of my face and let you know you aren't going to get control around my net, 'cause that's my house.

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