Thread: Proposal: Malkin moves to 34th and 7th
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04-28-2011, 09:20 AM
Barbara Underhill
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
The injury and severity of injury sure does matter. And you make it sound like Malkin is some superbeing that is unaffected by injury due to his age. Of course things like age play a factor, but saying that there's no difference between an ACL/MCL tear that's keeping Malkin away from his job for 6+ months as opposed to (what can only be assumed to be) a mild concussion that warranted 9 games off is like saying a broken leg and bruised finger bone are the same thing. The type/severity of the injury plays a huge part in how the player is able to rebound.
Obviously but I said that because I didn't feel like arguing about the details of the injuries. My point was in the end all that matters is recovery. I wasn't calling Malkin a superhuman I was merely stating that I think he'll be fine his age will factor into his recovery kind of like Prospal and Drury's age factored into theirs. I never tried to say an ACL/MCL tear was less severe than a mild concussion I was saying it depends on the individual and how they approach recovery.

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