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04-28-2011, 09:27 AM
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I think it's very unlikely that Redden breaks his contract. I can't see any team in the league giving him more than $1M on a 1-year deal to be a 6/7D.

I think the much more likely scenario is that he goes overseas, possibly to Switzerland, similar to how Chicago got rid of Huet. It would work for both parties involved, given that Redden is willing to live over there for the remainder of his contract (3 years).

Redden has 3 choices in my mind:
1) Status quo: Ride the bus in Hartford for the next 3 years. Never get a sniff of the NHL ever again. Make $18M.
2) Break contract: Try and find an NHL team willing to take you (NYR would most likely let him negotiate with teams before voiding his contract). Make about $1M on a year-to-year basis. If he plays 3 years at $1M/year, he leaves $15M on the table, but gets to retire with some dignity.
3) Go overseas: To me, this is the best option for Redden. Try and find a team in a European league willing to take you. There WILL be interest, I have no doubt of that. Rangers loan you to that league and team, and pick up the tab. Your cap-hit goes away, Rangers win. Play in Europe, make $18M, and be a superstar in an inferior league, Redden wins.

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