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04-28-2011, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Glen440 View Post
I'm playing at scarborough canlans at 4:15 on wednesdays for the next 3 weeks. I was there on rink 1 today 4:15-5:15

I would try the class in pickering but summer weekends are tuff to do and I mentioned it to someone I work with and he said I'm likely to advanced for that even though I have only been playing 7 months.

I have taken the canlans power skating and hockey skills class and liked it. I might take it again in the fall.

Does your son get coached by Tate Philips? I see he is there at that time. I played a shinny game with him and he's nuts.
Tate is funny as hell and lights up in the change room once i a while. I have played with Tate, Ben Davis, Mike Knight, Mark, and a few other ringers (pro / ex-pros) all on the ice at shinny at Canlan. Tate is a good guy except when he is playing with Ben then the two of them own the puck if they want it. They show me some quarter at times. and laugh when I sneak up and beat them (usually at the end of the 2 hours LOL)
Tate works with Ben I saw Tate out back with Ben last night and they had a bunch of 15 year olds doing off ice training.

My son gets called out by Denis to play net for the kids stick handling classes (you should know Denis)

The class I posted is a mixed lot from beginner skaters to older guys who are just getting back into hockey after years of bring off the ice. I'm a good skater and getting better all the time but this class is just fun and makes me work harder than just playing shinny or beer league. As well I have lead hands and I get to work on my shot when I get to skate out. you would fit right in at level 2 power skating and it's cheeper than Canlan. Don't get me wrong Canlan is amazing and everyone I have dealt with there are just as amazing but this Sunday 4:00 PM class 14, class/league for $210 is a good deal.

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