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04-28-2011, 03:58 PM
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I'm not sure if I want Gaborik. His numbers are all over the place. One year, he's over a ppg. Another year, he's well under. The next year, he's way over again.

It's not only his games played that is inconsistent, it's his production as well. It's really hard to gauge how he would do. He does seem to score no matter what conference he is in. But for as much as he costs, I'd like someone more consistent. If they are going to spend 7.5 on Gaborik, I'd rather see them throw 7.5 towards Richards, who is much more consistent.

If we get someone that pricey, it is going to impact if Schenn is up or not. I really have no idea about how bonuses work other than you can use a small percentage of some of your next year's cap to pay them. I'm guessing Schenn's bonuses wouldn't be easy to reach. I'd like to see him get some AHL time anyways, unless he blows minds at camp.

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