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04-28-2011, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
This is going to suck. My girlfriend's birthday is today so naturally we must go out tonight and her friends are coming into town Saturday night. I've waited 13 years for the second round and......yeah.

All I know is I hope DVR will work out and I won't see the ESPN bottom line (but who am I kidding all TVs will be on the NFL draft)
Originally Posted by Webersmashpuck View Post
Break up with her, she will understand.
Originally Posted by jderick81 View Post
This, it sounds like your girlfriend doesn't appreciate hockey enough, I'm afraid I am in the same situation. They just don't understand that hockey is more important than they are

The only way you can win is for the girlfriend to love hockey just as much as you do, and until then you have to keep kicking them to the curb because they just don't understand.
Originally Posted by predeuce777 View Post
Just let her know that you're going to need a couple weeks off from your relationship. I think she'll take it well.
Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
hahaha thanks for the suggestions everyone. If it was something like a San Diego Chargers playoff game she wouldn't care, but she just doesn't really understand hockey. Although she's from a sports family hockey was the one that wasn't ever dealt with. I wouldn't count on the Preds ever interesting her, especially out here.
And people say hockey isn't working in Nashville! Those are the words of true fans.

Best of luck in the series, but hopefully not enough luck to beat the Canucks.

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