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10-15-2003, 12:27 PM
Larry Fisher
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I beg to differ...

I think "jadeddog" makes a valid arguement. It not so much that the team is losing but that the team can't score.

If we lost 3-2 to Vancouver and even 2-1 to Calgary i would be saying lets get the Comrie issue resolved but i wouldn't feel he has anymore pull than he did prior to the first three games.

The fact that we are now 1 and 2 with 2 shutout losses and back to back no less I think MC and his agent have to be nagging Lowe and letting him know how bad he is missing SCORING. Not that i think the issue willl be resolved and that MC will be an Oiler but that they are probably suggesting offensive names that Lowe should look into acquiring for MC because the team lacks other word they are stating the obvious in order to speed up a result and thus i would have to agree that Comrie and company have the upper hand in any sort of negotiations as of today.

After we beat Buffalo 7-1 i will think otherwise...but i know more of you will agree with us if Buffalo drops us 1-0. I like close games but not 1-0 games more like 5-4 games.

We need scoring; KLO knows it, MacT knows this, and so does MC! Trust me guys Comrie and his agent are letting Lowe know just how bad Mike's scoring and creativity is being missed and i don't blame them.

For everybodys sake i hope MC is dealt sooner rather than later and i hope some much needed offense or an early round pick along with a quality d-man are coming back in return.

Or else best case scenario could kick in...the Oilers start scoring like they did in the golden years and Comrie is forced to sit out the whole year!!!

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