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04-29-2011, 06:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Dude, it absolutely warranted a suspension. It was a CLEAR, INTENTIONAL head shot as you can see him aim the head with his shoulder. Didn't the GMs just have a meeting about this not too long ago? They are trying to cut down on it. If the Refs had seen the play, I'm sure Ference would have gotten a 5min. To make it even more obvious, Ference doesn't even look back..Is it another one of ''oh, I didn't know he was there...'' crappy excuse?? Instead of being ejected, Ference gets an assist on the third goal, where a spear to Hammer's neck was also missed.
I don't mind the Refs missing a penalty behind the play. I think it's stupid because that's why the NHL decided to go with 2 refs, so that one can watch things that happen behind the play, but I guess they weren't paying attention this time.

But the way this league has handled themselves this year, and in these POs, is incredibly ridiculous. Downie gets suspended 20 games for his hit on McAmmond 4 years ago, throws the exact same hit in these POs, gets 1 game. Kunitz bows down and sticks out his elbow so he can hit Gagné's head who's got a history with concussions. Torres gets suspended for a hit to the head, first game back, destroys Seabrook in a clear blindside shot to the head, no suspension.
Richards clearly shoves Connolly into the boards from behind, obviously, it's Richards, no penalty.
Ference clearly aims Halpern's head, no suspension.

I mean, those were all clearly malicious hits, it really doesn't get more obvious than those hits. That's what is overly frustrating. The Chara hit, even if I don't agree with it, I can understand how you can spin the ''I didn't know the stanchion was there'' argument and I know Chara didn't want to break MaxPac's neck. I still would have given a suspension because the whole point is to sensitize players and make them responsible, but it didn't surprise me.
These hits however, were crystal clear intentional. That's what is really disturbing.
Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Ference stepped into him while he was in a vulnerable position. He intentionally tried to hurt the guy with a blow to the head. It's exactly these kinds of things that the league is supposedly trying to crack down on. I don't get why the league is so inconsistent on how they police this kind of stuff.

I'm going to disagree with you on two points here and strangely enough they're almost contradictory.

Personally, I didn't see an elbow so maybe I need to revisit that play.

Secondly (and it's strange that you wouldn't support a suspension if you thought an elbow was thrown) I think the league should be giving out suspensions for this kind of thing. It's behind the play, shot to the head and intent to injure. Three strikes and you should definitely sit out.

I just don't see how the league can seriously claim to be doing something about concussions when they see this and do nothing about it. And I'm not saying this because I'm a Hab fan (we're eliminated anyway so it doesn't matter) I'm saying it because we keep seeing this kind of stuff over and over and the league isn't doing anything about it. And so we get talented players (Marc Savard anyone?) who get injured and it hurts the game.

The NHL really needs to smarten up about this stuff.
You two gave me the exact response I was hoping for.

When I posted my post, it was my intention to see what everyone would think, if I were to share the same opinion as the league. I've been watching TONS of games all season and every playoff game up-to-date, and can not believe the crap that is a. going uncalled, and b. no suspensions handed out. Your reactions, the both of you, is exactly what most of the people have been saying now, since the start of the season.

As for me, I honestly think a suspension should have been given out. However, with all the stuff that has been overlooked, this doesn't surprise me one bit.

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