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04-29-2011, 08:46 AM
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Why is the Team 1200 still on the air??

I love the "NHL Power Hour". It really makes me laugh everytime they promote it. All they do is talk about the NHL, so why promote one hour that they devote to the NHL, when the whole show is hockey talk. The occasional mention of football, but more about Yorkie's fantasy team.

TGOR is horrible. The most overdone contest in the history of radio. Where the contestants are absolute morons. There was a time when the contest was challenging, and the prizes were great. Now all we get from JR is a category taken straight from the Ottawa Sun "this day in history", and then we get Jim's "I am making these up as I go" questions.

And....just so the people at the Team know, the Gatineau Olympiques are in the QMJHL semi-finals. You would think they would take about this every once in awhile.

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