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04-29-2011, 09:12 AM
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Name: Dan

Age: 23

Location: Boston

Fav All time Bruins: Bourque, Neely, Orr, Chief

Fav Current Bruins: Horton, Marchand, Lonewolf, Bergeron, Thornton

Fav Non Bruin Players: All Time: Scott Stevens Current: Ovechkin

Fav Movies: Counte of Monte Cristo, Seven, Harold & Kumar

Music: Metallica, Phish, Lil Wayne. A wide variety lets say.

Hobbies: RTS/Turnbased Games, Hockey Mens League, Golf

Fav food: Surf N Turf (Prime Rib + Baked Stuffed Shrimp)

Fav Beer: Coors Original, Dogfish Head 90min IPA

Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan: Im from Boston and a Hockey player duhh.

How long I have been a B's fan: Lifetime, Serious B's Fan 2002

Origin of screen name: Ray Bourque and Scott Stevens were the two players I idolized growing up and shaped my own game after.

Jerseys owned: Authentic Vintage with no nameplate

Also, first post here but ive been trolling you guys for a while Go B'S!

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