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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
I think you're missing one part here. Ference changed course..
You guys are seeing things.

Elbows, changing course. No.

Ference didn't move, he didn't stick his elbow out, he didn't change course either.

A defenseman in a game 7 is just going to loaf around in his zone when the puck gets to the other end, seriously? No, usually you'd think he'd skate to follow it.
Now if you wanna say he didn't resume skating after the play was done.. okay maybe, sure... so what? That's just grasping at straws. You're basically hoping Ference would get out of Halpern's way. There's no way that happens.

Ference started skating... and became stationary. Halpern very likely assumed he would CONTINUE skating, and actually accelerate. If he did, there would've been no contact, no need to brace for one.
Grasping.. and making things up

The fact is that Ference slowed down and lifted his shoulder to hit the jaw. There was ABSOLUTELY no need for that.
All he did was lean with his shoulders and that's called bracing yourself for a hit.

He didn't 'go looking for it'... but he saw perfectly the opportunity, likely saw too that he would never get caught (TOTALLY behind the play with refs looking at the other end) and just took it.
Sure. So what ?

Come on, just look at it and tell me he didn't slow down and changed his trajectory to hit him in the jaw there.
Not seeing it at all. You guys are honestly seeing things that aren't there.

Halpern has played hockey for all his life likely and there's some things you just learn to assume and that you don't have to check for every second, like if a guy is skating in a certain way in a certain direction, you don't feel the need to look at him non-stop to guess where he will be in a seccond.
That's BS. Ference didn't alter his course to hit Halpern. Not at all. Halpern had looked about 1-3 seconds earlier. It was obvious after that look that they were clearly headed for each others. If I'm Ference and I see Halpern look at me and skate toward me, I'm probably really puzzled for a second as to what he's attempting to do. And you're judging Ference based on knowing what happened after that.

Honestly Ference is a gigantic ******* and I'm sure he was glad to have an opportunity to do what he did and get away with it. That's why Halpern's thought process was really confusing there.

It's just the same as driving a car, if you look in your mirror and see somebody coming at a certain speed, you will know 1 sec later where he should be, no need to keep your eye for him non-stop.
Terrible analogy. Let me fix it for you.

You're driving in the left lane. You look up ahead of you. You see a car parked on the right side of the road taking up the right lane. You look into the mirror while you turn right and hit the parked car and then blame the parked car for being parked there instead of owning up to your absolutely retarded mistake.

This was totally behind the play and the puck was at the other end, there was no reason whatsoever for Halpern to expect the guy to stop and lift his shoulder. It's extremely dirty. And I certainly won't believe anything Ference has to say in the matter after him saying he had a glove problem after his goal.
It doesn't matter what Ference has to say. He doesn't have to justify anything since he didn't do anything. Halpern basically skated into him. If Ference had done nothing, there would have been a collision. The difference is that both would have hit each other and possibly fallen on the ice. Instead Ference decided to be the rock in that collision. I wouldn't expect anything else from him. Halpern was pretty much retarded skating AWAY from the play, and right INTO the shoulder of another player. Absolutely ridiculous move by Halpern.

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