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04-29-2011, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
You're only comparing the production this year vs. the hypothetical production with Dubinsky traded for an upgraded offensive player (and replaced with any money saved).

The comparison you should be making is forward looking: a hypothetical team with Dubinsky and Richards vs. a hypothetical team with Dubinsky traded for an upgraded offensive player (and replaced with any money saved).

When compared that way, Dubinsky + Richards > Hypothetical Upgraded Dubinsky + Hypothetical Dubinsky Replacement, imo.

Richards > Hypothetical Upgraded Dubinsky
Dubinsky > Hypothetical Dubinsky Replacement
Richards is less than or equal to a hypothetical upgraded #1c you get back in the Dubi trade. Otherwise why would you make the trade in the first place, when you can just sign Richards? If you are going to trade for a #1c instead of signing Richards that center needs to be:

a.) legit #1c
b.) equal or better yearly production than Richards
c.) younger

where younger is the key to making the trade because you are not locking up 7 million in a guy who is over 30.

Would Dubinsky be better than a hypothetical replacement? I don't know, maybe a rookie comes in and puts up 50 points (unlikely), or maybe they find a FA who clicks with the new center and Gabs and puts up 50+? It's hard to say since we're talking hypotheticals here.

My point was that if you make the trade to bring in a young, #1c versus signing Richards, replacing Dubinsky's production wouldn't be that difficult and would be worth getting the younger center, versus the risk of an older Richards who could be another bad signing.

I'm just playing Devil's advocate here anyway, I'm for signing Richards rather than making the trade, but if they did make the trade, it could easily end up working out better than Richards, just as much as Richards could end up being the best FA signing in a long time. That's the beauties of ' what ifs' and 'could bes'.

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