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10-15-2003, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Freudian
...And they would have to give up the players that can help them in 3-4 years time for a 30+ guy?
Age bias alert! :p

Agree on the $ issue, as stated previously. But so what if the guy is over 30? You do not rebuild by turning the entire team over to 20 y/os. If Mario wasn't owner, would you want to get rid of him? If the Avs offered Forsberg (and paid his contract) would you not want him? After all, they are 30+.

Yes, the team won't likely be highly competitive for several years, at which time Jagr will be at the end of his contract. So what? Before you can win big, you have to win small, and adding a world-class talent, enigma that he is, helps in that regard.

Despite his flaws, Jagr should not be grouped together with just any 30+ y/o player. Nor should a rebuilding team shy away from ANY veterans.

(Patrick obviously knows as much, given that he has mixed some vets into his roster.)

Jagr back to the Pens isn going to happen, but not because of his "advanced" age.

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