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04-29-2011, 12:47 PM
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Re: Petrovic for Gagner. I don't think that deal makes a lot of sense for the Oilers- at least straight up- and I'm frequently accused of being a homer for the other team when I make trade proposals involving our players.

1) The Oilers had an opportunity to draft Petrovic, and saw him play a bunch (he plays in our backyard, remember). They took Tyler Pitlick instead.

2) I don't believe Petrovic's upside is any more than a great stay-at-home #3/adequate #2. Yes, his spike in production is pretty amazing, but I present to you the following:

Player A, 17/18: 62 GP, 9-29-38
Alex Petrovic, 17/18: 57 GP, 8-19-27

Player A, 18/19: 64 GP, 14-52-66
Alex Petrovic, 18/19: 69 GP, 7-50-57

Who is Player A? Former Oilers captain Jason Smith. All through out last year, I compared Petrovic to Smith and Matt Greene- another former Oiler.

Now, what is Gagner worth? Again, I'm not one of those fans who thinks we can move him for Stamkos or Crosby, and hesitate to do so. But I think we'd need a more established player to replace him. After all, Sabres fans are offering up Drew Stafford, a 30-goal winger!

At this point, Gagner is well ahead of the developmental track of your own Stephen Weiss, and none of you would trade Weiss for a Petrovic (or at least I hope you wouldn't).

Gagner, 18/19- NHL, 49 points
Weiss, 18/19- OHL

Gagner 19/20- 76 GP, 16-15-41 (0.54 PPG)
Weiss 19/20- 77 GP, 9-12-21 (0.27 PPG)

Gagner 20/21- 68 GP, 15-26-41 points (0.60 PPG)
Weiss 20/21- 50 GP, 12-17-29 points (0.58 PPG)

Gagner 21/22- 68 GP, 15-27-42 points (0.62 PPG)
Weiss 22/23- 41 GP, 9-12-21 (0.51 PPG)

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