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04-29-2011, 01:11 PM
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I'm a righty, I do just about everything right handed except batting in baseball and golfing. Baseball I think came down to being a huge Don Mattingly fan as a real little kid. I wanted to bat like him. All my favorite hitters were lefties or switch hitters. I used to be able to switch hit but I stopped doing it and would have to really practice to bat from the right side again. For golf it feels more comfortable and natural to swing a club left handed, something about my hands being that close together must remind me of a baseball bat.

Everything else is right handed. A left handed hockey stick feels completely foreign to me, as if I'd never even seen hockey before. I can at least stand comfortably in a right handed batter's box, I just couldn't hit a damn thing. The really odd part is I can remember as a kid having a straight bladed street hockey stick, and switching my hands around depending on who I was pretending to be at any particular moment. Now a left handed grip on a hockey stick just gives me the creeps.

Weird huh?

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