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04-29-2011, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
my favorite was the vancouver player who got tipped with a highstick (and it was a penalty). dude looked like jfk after getting shot.

that and the announcers. when weber missed the goal he goes AND WHAT A SAVVVVV (then quiet because he realizs he douches the call) shot by weber. I'd rather listen to weber and crisp
Yeah, I totally hear what you're saying. I think the high stick happened to Lapierre who was wearing a visor. The stick hit his visor and he sold it pretty well. No chance that he should've felt any pain. The issue is that it should in fact be a penalty. The question is... If Lapierre doesn't react to the high stick, do they call a penalty? Same issue with Kesler. When I watched the replay, I definitely saw the hooking penalty, but I also saw the extent to which Kesler sold it.

The question you have to ask is... If Kesler and Lapierre don't embellish at all, do the ref's call a penalty? The answer is 'I don't know' .Both teams will do anything to win, and I wouldn't blame Nashville players at all for doing the same.

I take more issue when a player does NOT receive a high stick to the head or a hook to the ribs and pretends as if they did.

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